Covid-19 Protection

Covid Shield Certificate

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Toni's / TY ELIA SUITES MON IKE with care about our guests has been accredited by Global Leader TÜV Austria, with the Covid Shield ‘principal rating’. This recongnition comes to re-confirm our operational readiness and adjustment to the latest Health & Safety Protocols.

In More Detail Here in Tonis we do our best to:

  • Reduce the risk or minimize the likelihood of exposure to Covid-19.
  • Support of a high-level prevention against possible exposure (involuntary or voluntary) to the Covid-19.
  • Manage potential incidents of Covid-19 in an organized, direct, and armored way, based on published suggested guidelines and instructions of the competent national and international authorities. in relation to persons with whom they come into direct or indirect contact, such as employees, associates, suppliers, customers, visitors and other interested parties, in all phases of their daily transactions and operations, during the process of providing its services.

This Policy applies to all the Company's direct activities (during all bussiness hours and overtime), but also to all indirect activities such as:

  • Carrying out transportation of its customers, either by privately owned means of transport, or through external partners.
  • Other activities.

While it applies constantly to all external bodies that can make use of the Company's infrastructure (eg providing events at the Company's premises by external partners).

Latest review: 01/09/2020

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